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    Some photos and topo routes from a trip on 16-18 Dec. Conditions were perfect but turned back at 2750m due to a nervous climbing partner. Tekano still at risk of loose wet slides on warm afternoons, and prone to rockfall from Scott Peak anytime after the sun arrives. Douglas Neve easily negotiated – gain the obvious spur – see map below.

    Bluewater Route: stay high above the scrub, right up under the bluffs. Don’t traverse too low as many people seem to be doing – the scrub is shite. See map.

    Best approach from Scott Creek onto the start of the Bluewater Route is at 570m, directly opposite where the true left bank rears up steeply. Climb up the downstream side of a boulder high on the true right bank, with a prominent cairn on top.






    Screen Shot 2023-12-23 at 10.57.01 PM

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    Moir North Face on 30 Nov 2023 (photo from Hans-Peter Anderson – thanks!)

    Moir north face (hans-peter anderson)

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    Lake Anna and Mt Franklin, late October (from Scott Sutherland):


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    Breakaway from French Ridge on 19 Nov 2023 (from Scott Sutherland, who also reports easy travel to the Quarterdeck):


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    West Ridge of Wilson (Polar Range) on 18 Nov from Byron Harvey (thanks!):

    Wilson West Ridge (Byron Harvey)

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    Mid November around Goat Pass (from Kate Williman):

    “Surprising amount of snow above 1600m on southern aspects around Oates and Franklin at the beginning of this week [around 20 Nov] – more than in other parts of the park.”

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    Rolleston from Temple Basin on 1 Dec 2023 (photo by Wako Tanaka – thanks!)

    rolleston from temple 1 dec (Wako Tanaka)

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    mid July 2023 on the Avalanche-Lyell-Bealey traverse, from Scott Sutherland:


    “Most slopes below 1800m weren’t at threshold, apart from some deeper pockets.”

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    Minarets and De La Beche on 25 November:

    Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 6.08.24 PM

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    Late November conditions on the Franz Neve: easy access from Almer to Centennial, and onto the Minarets. A few slots to look out for on the latter which could be interesting by Christmas.

    Access to the Franz sides of Newton and West Hoe Passes also looked sweet.

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    mid October: west side of the range and many places on the range crest mostly free of snow. Good coverage above 1600m on eastern and southern aspects, but not enough for caving. Snow generally well consolidated – main risk is loose wet slides.

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    mid October: Snow down to 1600m in basins on most aspects, thin on north and west aspects, fat on southern aspects. Even on warm days, travel was good going on firm snow under a few cm of slush.

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