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      As of mid July, only very thin snow below 1600m; sunny aspects almost snow-free up to 1700m. NW half has thin snowpack. However, thicker deposits on SE faces due to NW loading in first week of July. This is looking towards Cassidy from the summit of Blimit on 11 July 2021 (photo from Geoff Keey):

      from Blimit, 11 July, Geoff Keey

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      mid October: Snow down to 1600m in basins on most aspects, thin on north and west aspects, fat on southern aspects. Even on warm days, travel was good going on firm snow under a few cm of slush.

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      mid July 2023 on the Avalanche-Lyell-Bealey traverse, from Scott Sutherland:


      “Most slopes below 1800m weren’t at threshold, apart from some deeper pockets.”

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      Rolleston from Temple Basin on 1 Dec 2023 (photo by Wako Tanaka – thanks!)

      rolleston from temple 1 dec (Wako Tanaka)

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      Mid November around Goat Pass (from Kate Williman):

      “Surprising amount of snow above 1600m on southern aspects around Oates and Franklin at the beginning of this week [around 20 Nov] – more than in other parts of the park.”

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      West Ridge of Wilson (Polar Range) on 18 Nov from Byron Harvey (thanks!):

      Wilson West Ridge (Byron Harvey)

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      Lake Anna and Mt Franklin, late October (from Scott Sutherland):


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