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      From Martin Woo (thanks!):

      “Footstool couloir 19/11/23
      Midnight departure, 3hrs to the base of the climb, hard left on the snow ramp, after 100m traversed right bellow wide icy overhanging step, iced up gullies no more than WI2 partly covered in dry snow lead to the upper couloir with patches of softer snow and ice. Direct steep exit to S ridge was looking thin so we climbed slightly left next to big cornice we named “the Cobra” Last 10 meters were bit of digging in dry unsupportive snow. S ridge was iced up, summit at 10am. Slopes on the way down were firm until cca 2600m then getting softer. Eugenie gl climbers left on the top and then easy slopes in the center, lower route across Tewawae gl. got us back to Sefton biv at around 1:30pm. Used one ice anchor, otherwise bomber snow stakes all along! Would recommend to start even earlier to lower chances of rockfall in the upper couloir”

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      AvatarBen Mitchell

        Taken from Mt Wakefield 11th December


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